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Well, the new Obits album is coming along swimmingly. We've got over half of the background vocals complete, as well as all the drums, bass, piano, and horns. There's even a little banjo and glockenspiel going in on my tune, "Turn Key". If all goes well, we should have everything done in late January or early February. It's been a very busy fall and I'm looking forward to a potenially easier winter. Besides the Obits, my trio is about to be joined by a fabulous fiddle player named Amy Castner. Come check us out at the downtown farmer's market in January!

Alright, I apologize for not keeping up with the news. Much has happened. I am a married lady for one, though I've decided to keep my maiden name for the music. My bass player (and the Obits bass player) moved to Abu Dhabi so we are back to being a trio. I'm over halfway done with my first year as a music and art teacher and am convinced I've found my calling. It's challenging every day, but the kind that makes you want to tackle it head on. I'm enjoying playing out often and look forward to all my shows. At the latest Obits show we had a run in with the law. We were playing outdoors at a neighborhood coffeeshop and apparently were too loud for the neighbors. The cops came and were kind of apologetic for having to ask us to turn down. So we had to rock it quiet style. Still fun.

Good lord, it's been a while. So much has changed since November. First of all I'm getting married in a month so you'll be seeing the website change a bit as I change my name to Sara Kaye. Secondly, I'm going to be teaching art and music at my school which has been my dream for a while now and I'm thrilled for this opportunity. Thirdly, my trio has transformed and now I've got Rich Restaino on lead guitar, mandolin, and backup vocals. It's great to hear those harmonies again. And in true Austin fashion, I am also singing backup and playing guitar for Rich's band, Rich Restaino and The Obits. The band features all the previous members of the Late Fees plus a keyboardist. We have a few shows lined up for September and October. I'm in New York again for a few weeks this summer but heading back to Austin in a couple days. I sure do miss Maria's tacos...

Happy Thanksgiving! I am writing from 33,000 feet courtesy of Southwest Airlines. Lots of news to report. The first band show went very well. We had a nice turnout and good weather to boot. Look for us again at the downtown farmer's market in late December. Speaking of late December, Steve booked a show in Santa Rosa for the 29th. I am excited to play with him and Justin again. It's hard to believe it was over 5 years ago we played up in Alaska. In Late Fee news, we've got ourselves a new drummer and backup singer and are rehearsing some new songs for a triumphant return. I'm also getting ready to record some new tunes over winter break. When I get some new songs ready, I'll be sure to post them up here.

Happy fall all. I've been busy writing new songs and rehearsing with a drummer and bass player. We've got our first show in a couple weeks so that should be fun. I'm also gearing up for a visit to the Bay area around Christmas to see Steve Pile and hopefully play some music. Besdies all of that, I finally purchased a decent recording mic so I'm hoping to do some recording over my winter break. I'll keep you posted!

So here's the new web design! What do you think? I know it's not too different but that's okay. I'm nearing the end of my time in New York and really enjoyed all the shows here. I love that lots of venues that seem like your typical little bar have listening rooms in the back. We need some more of those in Austin. I've got my most recent New York show recorded and up on the home page so go take a listen if you've got a chance. Besides the sound guy calling me by the wrong name and the battery in my guitar pick-up dying, it was a pretty good short set.